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Interior Design Photoshoot in Woodbridge, Connecticut

Come along on a photoshoot for Interiors Photography in New Haven County CT

Designs by August Oliver Interiors

Here’s a look at one of my favorite interior photoshoots to date! Designed by the talented Jocelyn Polce of August Oliver Interiors. This home located in Woodbridge, CT got the upgrade it needed. 

Open concept living and dining area

Before I get too far into the details of this home and the photos themselves, let's first take a look at WHY photography is so important for small businesses, and in particular interior design firms, contractors, and the home improvement industry.

Visual assets are critical for Interior Design

You can have the best product or services in the world, and it could completely transform someone's life for the better. But if you don’t market, sell and present the offering in a way that is appealing to the people who need it - you won’t sell it. 

This is a hard truth so many small business owners realize when they wonder why business is not booming. Photography, branding, and marketing are the missing piece connecting them with their clients, and it is ultimately the key that brings growth and limitless possibilities for your business. 

I am a believer that there is no "one way" to market and sell. In my heart of hearts I think you have to find a way to do this that is effective but most importantly, authentic. Whatever means you use to market and sell (social media, website, e-commerce, print marketing, networking, advertising, SEO, referrals, etc.), visual assets are critical. 

Especially when it comes to interior design. There are thousands of interior designs just in southern Connecticut alone! (Think Fairfield County and New Haven county). Interior photography is absolutely critical and should be a standard step in any interior designers workflow and process. Timing of interior photography is key and I will be sharing a full post on that topic alone! 

The majority of people need to see a photo or video to visually understand something before they purchase. The higher the price, the more proof they need to feel secure in the person or product they are investing in. 

A look at the home

When it comes to photographing interior design projects, I have a holistic approach that ensures we capture both full room moments as well as the details. Because any interior designer knows how many details go into a room to create the perfect blend of look, aesthetic, and functionality. These “smaller” moments in a room can be a very important way to differentiate your interior design skills from the rest of the crowd. 

Capturing an open concept room

Bringing to life the special moments in a room

Are you an interior designer in Connecticut looking to capture your interior projects with professional photography? Inquire on my website at and I will walk you through my process, packages, and services! 

Designs by August Oliver Interiors of New Haven, CT. 

All photographs copyright of Abby Cole Photography


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