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What is Personal Branding Photography & Why It’s Important

What is personal branding photography? Find out exactly what it is and why personal branding photography is important from a brand photographer.

What is personal branding photography

I’m Abby, a professional branding photographer and videographer located in Fairfield County CT. I work with small business owners all across Connecticut and New England to create purposeful and strategic content for their businesses.


You may not be surprised to hear that I feel very strongly about the importance of personal branding photography for small businesses and personal brands, but let me tell you why I feel so strongly about it. Small and local businesses are the heart of our community. The world is filled with millions of small businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives that in their own way, make the world a better place everyday. Just by being a small business owner, living your purpose and making your dreams come true through your business - you are bringing inspiration to the people around you. And I have to bet that your product and service is also making your community that much better too! 

Branding photography is the process of telling the story of your business, shaping the message, and creating a cohesive package of assets so that your community, your audience, and your customers can know who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

Personal branding photography creates trust and credibility with your current and potential clients. The more you put into your business, the more professional you appear, the more serious your audience will take you. They will see you as the leader and expert in your space that you are. And by controlling the messgaing around your brand, you can start to create the next level of your business - community, connection, desirability, and loyalty.

Why branding photography is important

If you are wondering why another business is succeeding or getting more clients than you, it is because they are better at marketing and reaching their ideal customers. 

Marketing and selling your product or service is not optional for small businesses who want to succeed. It is not enough to have an amazing product, service or offering. It is not enough to have a beautiful office or stunning packaging. 

In order for your future clients and customers to indulge in whatever it is you offer, they first have to know to know it exists. Knowing that it exists will get you a long way. Want to go all the way? Then present your offering in a way that your client will value and crave. 

As a business, you are asking someone else to purchase from you, handing over their credit card and their trust in whatever it is you offer. Make this decision to purchase from you an easy one. As humans, the more we know about something, the less uncertainty we have, the more likely we are to like - know - and trust it. 

Humans are visual creatures. Oftentimes we have to be shown or told what it is we want, how it will improve our lives, and why we cannot live without it. The truth is, your business has purpose and meaning and what you offer will change someone’s life for the better. But the responsibility is on you as the business owner to tell this story so that your audience is aware and ultimately so that they can take action. 

This is where branding photography comes in. A business is an LLC that receives money for goods. A brand is an experience created that influences the way people feel and react to a business. The imagery and content that a business creates is a key component of what shapes their brand image. The more cohesive, professional, and intentional the brand imagery is, the more trust-worthy the business appears. 

It is an opportunity to create the story of your business through purposeful, intentional, and strategic content creation, and it can quite literally grow your business. 

When done correctly, brand photography..

  • Increases brand awareness

  • Elevates the overall branding and reputation of the business

  • Accelerates all of your marketing and advertising efforts

  • Enables you to confidently and professionally reach more people

  • Allows you to control the story around your products and services

  • Will differentiate you from others with similar offerings

  • Inspire your ideal customer to take positive actions towards your business

You cannot wait for people to notice your business. You cannot let other people control the story around your offerings. You cannot watch your competition dominate the market when your offering could in-fact be better than theirs, but they know how to market and sell. 

As a branding photographer that specializes in personal branding photo creation, I walk my clients through a process in order to create strategic images for their business that work for their business and tell the story of their brand. If you are interested in my process and want expert help in planning and executing a successful personal branding or small business photography photoshoot, inquire at and I am happy to help you start creating with purpose! 

Looking for inspiration? Want to see what it looks like to have personal branding photos? Check out the slideshow of photos below to get inspired by professional photos I have created for my personal branding photographt clients.


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