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How to use your professional branding photos

You had a branding photography session and just received a link to the photo gallery with all of your new professional branding photos. Do you know what to do next? I have several post-photoshoot steps that will truly maximize the investment of your branding session.

Here’s how I break it down:

1. Save and store

2. Keep the momentum

3. Check your mindset

4. Using and integrating

Keep reading because I dive into each of these in detail below!

Save and store

First things first, download the images properly via the download instructions shared by your photographer. Do not screen shot the images as this will quickly diminish the quality of the photos. You want your photos to be high resolution and high quality.

If you have 5-20 photos, I would recommend saving them on your computer and your phone so you can easily access and use them whenever you need to. If you have 20+ images I would use a cloud-based storage system so that you do not take up a ton of space on your devices. High resolution images are larger files than regular cell phone photos.

Download the images to a device and then upload them to your preferred cloud storage system. I have all apple products so I use the apple cloud which syncs all of my devices. I would also recommend google drive which has an app making it super easy to access from a computer or phone. Other options include amazon, drop box, etc. Whatever system you select, make sure you can easily access it from a phone or laptop so you have the photos when you need them.

Keep the momentum

There is a certain type of energy during and after your photoshoot. You invested into your business, you spent time planning and preparing, you had an awesome session, and you just received the final product. Whether that energy is excitement or nerves, capitalize on the momentum and start using your photos right away. Here is what I recommend..

Decide which photo will be your go-to. The photo you are going to use for your profile photo, bio pics, and main website image. This is usually a headshot style for service based businesses or an on-brand photo for product based. Right then and there, go update all of your accounts. Examples include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email (the icon associated to your email as well as the email signature), and so on.

Next think about where else you can incorporate your photos. When it comes to branding, the more you can customize to your business, the more brand awareness you build. You can use branding photos for business cards, email marketing and newsletters, email signatures, blog posts, client materials (such as welcomes guides or invoices), social media, advertising, and marketing (digital and print).

The majority of humans are visual learners / information takers. Key marketing and branding concepts encourage visually showing up where your ideal clients are. You want people to recognize your logo, photos, colors, and overall branding when you show up – which is why everyone preaches consistency is key. You want to show up as many places as possible to stay relative and top of mind, don’t be afraid to get those photos out there to the masses.

Check your mindset

I am going to drop a little tough love here.

You are probably loving your photos, however it can be hard to see photos of ourselves, so you might also be picking yourself apart. We are human, we have doubts, it is okay. Do not let insecurities stop you from using your branding photos and from growing your business.

I have branding photos that I love of myself, I have branding photos of myself that make me cringe, I use them all.

If you worked with a professional branding photographer, the photos will be professional and the posing will be intentional. The composition (meaning where the photographer is bringing the eye of the audience) will have purpose. You do not have to think you are a model for these photos to actually grow your business. Do not get in your own way.

I also whole heartedly believe that the beauty is in the authentic imperfections, lean into that. Your clients may not want a perfect model to work with, too much perfection could actually intimidate them and stop them from reaching out to you! Just be you, honestly, it works.

Have you heard the theory that sometimes we are actually more afraid of our own success than of failure? I believe this to be true. And what that means is that sometimes we let fear get in the way of doing things we know will benefit our business. This usually comes in the form of fear based thoughts or excuses.

“I don’t look good in that I won’t use it”

“I don’t have time to do xyz”

“I’ll never be able to grow my business unless xyz happens”

Basically we make excuses and rationalize them to make us feel better about the fact that we are making decisions based on fear. We all do this to some extent, I do this too! Catch yourself if you begin to find excuses not to use your photos.

Using and integrating

For most businesses, we have a blend of professional branding photography as well as DIY cell phone photos. There is a time and a place for both!

Work the professional branding photos in with your regular DIY photos. If you want a professional aesthetic throughout, try editing your own photos to improve the quality (there are apps that can help you) or use canva to create professional graphics and plug your photos in to help increase the overall quality of the post.

When it comes to social media, I recommend blending your branding photos with other photos. You don’t have to be structured about this. For example, it does not have to be every other photo is a branded and every other is a photo you’ve taken yourself. I usually step back and look at my overall Instagram feed to see if anything is off balance and then post a bit more of the type of photo that seems to be missing.

For email marketing and newsletters I would try to use the professional branding photos as much as possible. Unless you are someone who needs to share before and after, progress photos, or BTS – then go for it with your own photos.

For websites, marketing and advertising, I would recommend only using professional quality photos.

If we worked together – reach out to me with questions! I am happy to help you maximize your photos to their full potential. My goal is to help you grow your business and brand awareness, when used properly my photos will do exactly that.


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